Best Water Softeners Reviews By Consumer Report for 2020

If your water contains at least 60mg of dissolved magnesium and calcium, then it’s considered as hard water. There are cases of areas having 180mg and more of calcium and magnesium. Removing hardness in your water isn’t a tough task; however, its reward is excellent.

With one cooling device all your problems on stained dishes, spotty laundry, and ashy skin, will all be gone with a water softener.

Top 9 Best Water Softeners Consumer Reports


This is one of the models by Fleck and among the best products in the market. The Fleck 5600 SXT has 64,000 Grains, which ensures that the product can go for five or more days without having to regenerate. This is ideal for homes that have high water demand; its control valve measures the water flow rate of your home. It also ensures that regeneration is done at the right time.

The control valve also has a back-up power supply, which prevents the control head losing its memory and setting when on a power outage. The back-up capacitor maintains the unit operational by keeping it charged for 48 hours. Afterward, regeneration can be triggered by reprogramming the head, hence ensuring you don’t miss your cycle.

The valve of the unit keeps track on the gallons of processed water, and in the process triggering an automatic regeneration cycle. This is dependent on the grains per gallon that are programmed; the unit offers 18 GPM. After installing the water softener and you still have hard water, increase the grains per gallon setting. This is essential as it allows regeneration often and clearing your water from pass-through minerals.


Softening of water on a large scale can be particularly necessary, especially for businesses and homes where water quality matters. In most cases, utilization of pellet and liquid softeners fail in large requirement due to quality water cases.  If you require a softener that has a higher capacity for softening water, the Aquasana Rhino 5-Stage is ideal for such cases.

The Aquasana Rhino 5-Stage is a whole filtration system, which utilizes a salt-free softening process in dealing with hard water. Its filtration system does more than just softening; it also removes the presence of chlorine, pesticides, metals, and other chemicals present in water; which are harmful to the air due to evaporation and water.

The system has no reliance on electricity; it also has an easy installation process, which is as simple as hooking it up on existing plumbing.


The GE 40,000 Water Softener is capable of taking care of your entire home. The GE 40,000 Grain can tackle every water task that you have as the unit is installed directly to the plumbing system. Water is then filtered even before it reaches your faucets.

The unit is capable of removing 125 grains per gallon of hard materials, for instance, iron utilizing its salt storage capacity that is 230 pounds. For the unit to have customizability, it comes with a digital display that has a programmable setting, memory, and alarm. Hence, saving your preferred settings.

The GE 40,000 Grain Water Softener has a GE’s SmartSoft technology, which adaptively learns your average standard water utilization. It can, therefore, adapt better in the softening process such as bathing and laundry automatically.


Any whole house water softening system requires a softening source, for instance, the salt to get the job done. This can include dumping to the brine tank a specially formulated salt. This, however, can get messy, the alternative would be to utilize salt pellets such as Diamond, Bright, and Crystal Soft as a single and packed salt.

When the pellet is placed into the brine tank, it naturally dissolves and in the process automatically softening its utilization. Every single pellet has a 99.8% pure salt content; hence, no need to worry about chemicals that get into your water. When the pellet runs out, add a new pellet to ascertain that the system continues to run.


You can choose a salt-free water softener as an alternative to pellet softeners, dishwasher, and laundry softeners. The salt does get the job done; however, some individuals don’t like the extra presence of sodium left in the water or the aftertaste. Salt is also known to remove nutritional minerals present in water. Therefore if you require a salt-free water softener, the Pelican Water Natursoft water softener is ideal.

You can attach the unit from the inside or outside your home’s plumbing. The unit comes with an exterior stainless steel outer casing, which is waterproof for utilization in cold temperatures. The salt-free softening process is styled to eradicate harmful minerals, and in the process retaining nutritional minerals that can improve cooked food.


Having you’re well has a lot of advantages; however, well water does not taste that great. The iSpring 6-Stage RCC7AK System Water Softener is capable of removing up to 99% of a thousand different contaminants such as the stuff you wouldn’t like your family to be consuming, bacteria and asbestos. Water softening gives you good health results and gives you access to crystal clean water, which can be as good bottled water or purchase in the store.

Some softeners come with an additional filter which replaces the minerals removed back into the water. The unit is to be mounted under the sink; it also comes with instructions. You can also opt to connect it to your coffee maker or refrigerator. If you run into problems while making installation, you can contact their customer care for services.

Most individuals can a test that the need of having to purchase bottled water, with the iSpring 6-Stage RCC7 AK system is something of the past. You can, therefore, save up some money.


The Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener is one of the most effective water softeners for well water. The unit is small in size, plugging into a standard volt of 110 outlets and softly clamping on your cold or hot water supply lines.  The box and coil are capable of delivering electromagnetic wave to the passing water. This suspends the grain in the water until it eventually exits through your drainage system.

The Eddy Water Descaler is not an even pass-through system in the supply lines. Hence, it doesn’t hinder the plumbing flow rate. The unit doesn’t require filters to change or addition of any chemicals, not to forget it’s among the most affordable water softeners. The unit comes with a lifetime warranty, if you deal with particularly hard water, adding the Eddy to hard water Bullet Poly for more effectiveness.

Homes with hard water that is magnesium and calcium deposits buildup in the pipes, you should, therefore, give Eddy Water Descaler a month before you judge its performance. The unit can take that long in clearing pipes that have past mineral grains, showing its effectiveness in electromagnetic technology.


When people require removing mineral buildup from water, the liquid softeners can be used in dishwashing and laundry. Mineral buildup shortens the lifespan of a washing machine and clothes, hence removing mineral buildup make your laundry detergent effective. Do you require a better dishwashing or laundry experience? The Calgon Liquid softener is what you need.

With the Calgon Liquid Water Softener mixes with water when cleaning. It’s at this process where residue and minerals combination are removed using the dishwashing or laundry detergent. The result is your dishes and clothes being free from minerals, residue, harmful chemicals, and dirt all at the same time.


The Aquinos S-220 Salt-Free Water Softener is the tiniest water softener in the market; however, don’t let its size decisive you. The unit offers an excellent value or its price; the unit has a carbon filter, and it’s salt-free. As a customer for Aquios S-220 salt-Free Water Softener, you can forget all about resin, chloramine, and particles.

The unit ensures that your water becomes softer and has a better taste; a slight amount of matter can be on the filter. This, therefore, shows the necessity of periodically replacing the filter and in the process preventing clogging.  However, note that it’s not the entire housing of the unit is not as strong; it’s therefore prone to leaks. The Aquios is not the best for the most substantial water softening, it’s however, easy to install, to maintain, outstanding performance and it’s economical.


1. The Capacity of the Water Softener

Having decided to go for a salt softener, then the resin capacity is what you should be looking for. It’s vital to be aware of the amount of water you would utilize averagely. The amount of water utilization largely depends on the size of your family. With a more substantial capacity, the water softener will require less occurrence of it to regenerate.

The grain capacity varies, the lowest having 16000 and the highest going up to 96000. In case you have a dual-tank softener, you will have an exceptional size. The market does not have different types of resin, but some softeners are ideal for well water with iron.

2. The Regeneration Setting

Another vital factor to consider is whether or not you’d prefer a timed or metered water softener. A metered water softener system helps the resin to regenerate when there’s the utilization of some amount of water. A timed water softening system, on the other hand, regeneration depending on the prediction on the amount of water utilized.

The disadvantage here is when you have more water utilization than what was planned for before regeneration; there can be a shortage of soft water. Another problem is, in case you’re away from home, the water softener still regenerates and utilize water and salt. For the metered water softener, it only regenerates when it has to.

3. The Available Area

If your pipes intake is too small, you can opt to go for a considerable water softener. Majority of families are fine utilizing the middle-of-the-pack softener. This, therefore, is going for a 2-piece product that features a brine tank or an iron tank. The large dual tank systems contain huge brine tank, hence, requires a large area.

If you’re sure that the model you’re going for will fit your available space, then you can purchase it. Ensure to ask the manufacturers on the specific measurements and dimensions of the item.

4. The Bypass Valve

The bypass valve is another essential aspect to consider; it allows water to bypass water softener. This is vital in different occasions such as filling up a poll with water.  It’s critical for the valve to be easy to locate and to operate. In most cases, the valve has two red arrows, which you point towards each other for water to stop going through them.

5. Know Your Water Hardness

You can utilize a water test kit in assessing how hard your water is. This is essential as it indicates how powerful your water softener is. In case you require treating tough water, you’ll need a large grain capacity. For large homes, you will need a water softener system which has a high flow rate.

6. Know Your Water Flow Rate

The unit’s size depends on the amount of water your household requires and the hardness of the water. If your home has several bathrooms, a system with a big tank is essential to handle the rate of your water flow.

7. Cost of the Salt

With a water softener system, you will be required to top up the salt tank; this is dependent on the frequency on how you utilize the system.  This determines the hardness of our water, the amount of water utilization, and the regeneration settings. Different water softeners use different types of salt, hence, estimate the cost you’ll incur in salt utilization.

8. Warranty

Purchasing a new water softener system for your home can be costly; hence, ensure that you get the perfect deal when it comes to the assurance of the unit. Parts replacements for your electronic unit can be costly; it’s, therefore, essential to have the parts covered. Note that top-rated water softeners are reliable and have excellent warranties.


The residue of scale water has more effects than what people are aware of. It all starts with a pale white residue sticking on the tea kettles, inside a coffee pot and cooking pots. This is an indication of mineral deposits which are building up in your pipes and starting to block them.

In most cases, the mineral consists of magnesium bicarbonate, chalk-like substance, and calcium. Hence, getting a water softener is essential in eradicating all the problems that hard water comes with. However, when getting one, don’t purchase a unit that costs more than it needs to. You should also consider the above guide in buying a unit, and the review above will help you in getting the best pick for your home.