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The next step in wireless sensing and radio telemetry

Who is Running Encounternet?

Encounternet LLC is a collaboration between Dr. John Burt, an animal behavior researcher, software developer and specialist in applied science technology, and Professor Brian Otis, who specializes in design and application of low power wireless sensing technology. Encounternet started as an NSF funded project to develop a social network monitoring system for small animals. We have successfully developed our system and have subsequently transitioned into a company so that we can sell our hardware to researchers. 

John Burt
CEO Encounternet LLC and Affiliate Associate Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Washington.
Research focus: integration of new technology into behavioral research.
Email: quill65@gmail.com

Brian Otis
Member Encounternet LLC and Associate Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Washington
Research focus: design and application of ultra-low power circuits and systems for wireless sensing. Head of UW Wireless Sensing Lab
Email: botis@u.washington.edu